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New requirements of
sustainability reporting

The landscape for sustainability reporting is shifting with the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) on the horizon.

It is requiring all large companies, and all listed companies including SMEs, to publish regular reports on their environmental and social impact. This marks a big movement which require companies to invest time and resources to comply.

does it
apply to?

1. Large companies with

250 employees
€50 million in turnover (550MSEK in Sweden)
€25 million in total assets (280 MSEK in Sweden)

2. All listed companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

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How to prepare your business to the new reporting requirements?

The first report will be published in 2025 (in Sweden 2026 based on the proposal from the Swedish Government), covering the financial year of 2024 (2025 in Sweden). This means that companies that will report in accordance with the CSRD will need to do the groundwork now.

What you'll learn

The foundation of the CSRD
Brief overview of the updated content and structure
How you can start preparing to comply with the new directive

Get an
introduction to
the new
requirements of sustainability reporting.

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Are you on the right path?

The new legislation will affect around 49.000 EU Companies. Are you one of them? Book a free advisory meeting with one of our sustainability experts.
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