June 13, 2023

From now on the sustainability consultancy TomorrowToday will start working under the Ethos brand in the Öresund region. With the team in Malmö Ethos can establish a local and regional presence and continue the expansion in the Nordics.

Together with a strong team and rapid market growth, Ethos has created a stable foundation for continued expansion; now also targeting the Öresund region.

Öresund is an expansive region, where southern of Sweden, Skåne, and Copenhagen continue to strengthen each other's development. In addition, there are exciting business clusters and growing demand for sustainability expertise in the region. It is simply a very interesting market for us to enter, says Malin Lindfors Speace, founder and CEO at Ethos.

Ethos is one of the Nordics' leading management consultancies with a focus solely on sustainability. With fifteen years of experience from sustainable business development, Ethos stands behind a series of successful sustainability strategies, analyses and sustainability reports to some of the Nordic's most successful companies. The team has grown with twenty new sustainability experts in the past year and are now forty employees.

For two years, Stockholm-based Ethos has had a partnership with the Malmö-based sustainability consultancy TomorrowToday, led by Christian Lannerberth. Together, the two companies have been able to collaborate on competence and projects. As a next step in Ethos' expansion, the team at TomorrowToday will now start working under the Ethos brand with a focus on the Öresund region. The team will contribute with expertise regarding sustainable strategy and organisational development as well as expertise in human rights and circular economy.

Together with Christian and his team, Ethos can establish a local and regional presence and expand the consultancy in the Öresund region. Our vision is to continue the expansion in the Nordics, says Malin Lindfors Speace, CEO at Ethos.

We look forward to supporting Ethos in the expansion. Through the partnership, we make it easier for both our current and new customers to take advantage of all the specialist expertise that Ethos possesses, says Christian Lannerberth, CEO at TomorrowToday.

About Ethos

Ethos is a Swedish management consultancy focusing solely on corporate sustainability. Ethos helps businesses of all sizes and industries with sustainable business development. The team of experts have competences across all areas of sustainability (human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anticorruption) which are applied to business cases from a value chain perspective as well as from an interdisciplinary perspective. Ethos possesses deep understanding of the necessary interplay between sustainability and long-term business success.

About TomorrowToday

TomorrowToday is based in Malmö, and has since it’s foundation in 2014 supported a large number of companies in southern Sweden in developing their sustainability work. The success relies with the ability to both offer strong analyses of the customer's sustainability risks and opportunities; and show how these are translated strategically and operationally into an efficient organisation that works towards concrete goals with clear external communication. TomorrowToday works in all industries, with many clients in real estate, finance, manufacturing and consumer products and services.