June 13, 2023

The report looks at the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change. We have gathered 5 key take-aways from the report.
  1. There is a window for action, but it is closing fast

The IPCC clearly states that the necessary solutions to slow down or reverse climate change are available but that the opportunity for action is limited to this decade. There is a need for adequate financial and political support to ensure rapid and global adaptation. Currently, CO₂ levels are still rising and societies are not pursuing anything resembling the far-reaching changes they will need to meet the effects from climate change.

  1. Every 0.1 C matters

Climate risks escalate with each step of warming, and temperature overshoot are likely to lead to potential irreversible effects and indirect consequences such as loss of carbon sinks making it harder to go back to 1.5C warming.

  1. Climate change is already here

Climate related impacts are already putting pressure on several parts of the planet, from the bleaching of coral reefs to melting of glaciers. Extreme weather events such as extreme heat or flooding is giving rise to food and water insecurity, increasing spread of diseases and increased human mortality.

  1. Adaptation is key but unevenly distributed

3.3-3.6 billion people currently live in regions that are highly vulnerable to climate change. Adaptation project are unequally distributed across the globe and often lack adequate financial measures. The long-term perspective is essential for adaptation that enables transformational change.

  1. Restoring ecosystems and sustainable cities are vital for a positive change

Conservation, protection, and restoration of ecosystems are essential to establish a resilient and liveable future capable of meeting transformed prerequisites. Cities also enables real opportunities toa void impacts of climate change with renewable energy, sustainable transport, and green buildings.