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Ethos CSRD Network

Welcome to Ethos CSRD Network, a dedicated hub designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals navigating the intricacies of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), whether your company is part of the first reporting group or will be covered in the future.  

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About the network

The CSRD Network welcomes professionals from companies obligated to report under the CSRD. Explore the list of companies within the CSRD scope here.

Join us for insightful meetups where we discuss CSRD updates, share learnings, and address challenges related to CSRD compliance. Initial sessions are fully sponsored by Ethos, with future costs determined by content and format.

Meetings will be held six times a year, and each date will be announced during the preceding session. The first session is taking place 8 February and the second session 8 March, between 3-5 pm.

All sessions will be hosted at the Ethos Office, located at Kommendörsgatan 30 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Upcoming sessions

8 February, 3-5 pm
Introduction to the CSRD network
Introductory meetup where we will introduce the network, its participants and discuss challenges connected to CSRD.

7 March, 3-5 pm
Double Materiality: Build a solid foundation for ESRS reporting
Welcome to the second session of the Ethos CSRD network, where we dive deep into the double materiality analysis. Our reporting experts will guide you through the process of the ESRS double materiality analysis, sharing advice for laying a strong foundation from the start. As a guest speaker, we have invited Sara Lissdaniels, a certified auditor with a specialization in sustainability at FAR. FAR is a professional organization within accounting, auditing, and advisory services, and is dedicated to establishing clear rules, fostering the right expertise, and providing reliable information for businesses and society. In a letter to the Ministry of Justice in January 2024, FAR expressed concerns about the delayed implementation of CSRD in Swedish legislation. The prolonged process has left both companies and auditors in an uncertain position. Sara represents FAR in FAR’s Sustainability Specialist Group and has been actively involved in the consultations regarding CSRD implementation, ESRS, and the audit standard ISSA 5000.

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