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Climate tech and the new regulatory landscape

A joint event by Ethos and Potter Clarkson

How do you build a great company with a solution to help solve the climate crisis and at the same time ensure that the idea is protected and patented? Welcome to a panel discussion and mingle on 5 October from 4 pm to 6.30 pm with Ethos and Potter Clarkson where we will give you our best advice and guidance to answer the question.

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About the event

Date: 5 October 2023
Time: 4 pm to 6.30 pm

The EU has introduced an ambitious regulatory plan that will change the way we have previously approached sustainability. Part of the plan is the sustainable finance package which is a comprehensive package of measures where both financial market participants and corporates will act within an ecosystem of requirements. The package aims to improve the flow of money towards sustainable activities across the European Union.

The winners of capital in this new legislative landscape will be those who can provide sustainable innovations to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our times. These innovations have the potential to effect transformational change in all areas of our lives - providing lifesaving medical treatments, reducing energy, or simply making everyday tasks easier. For these breakthrough ideas to become a reality, they need the very best patent protection.

In a joint seminar between Ethos and Potter Clarkson, we invite you to a discussion on the following topics:
- How do you develop products and services that fit within the new market for green money?     
- How do you protect the innovations you develop properly?
- What is a best practice and benchmark to look after?
- How can you set net zero plans right from the get-go?
- How do you ensure your product isn't making green claims it can't support?


Jonathan Milläng, Head of Sustainable Finance, Ethos
Lars Karnøe, Partner, Potter Clarkson

Moderated by Amanda Hagberg, Head of Brand Marketing & Advisor, Ethos

The event is developed by Ethos and Potter Clarkson and targets both private equity and venture capital investors looking to find new innovative climate tech solutions and scale-ups looking for capital.

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